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Kylie Jenner Loves Streetwear Brand Muse Clothing for Its Cool and Relatable Designs

Antony Muse founded streetwear brand Muse Clothing in 2017 to share his feelings in a fashionable way through optimistic illustrations and tag lines.

Since the launch, celebrities including Kylie Jenner have taken note and gotten on board with the brand’s minimal yet quaint aesthetic featuring freeform graphic lines and fonts.“I felt like nothing in the streetwear scene represented me and the whole thing felt very exclusive and very expensive,” Muse tells Stylish of his intro into fashion. “It

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Matthew (pictured) has just released his first book, Greenlights.Matthew (right) on the red carpet with his wife, Camila (left.)Matthew (pictured) with his three children, wife and mother, Kay, in 2019.Matthew (pictured) after winning the Oscar for best actor.Hachette By Willow Bay, when you subscribe By Willow Bay, when you subscribe FREE Neoprene Tote-WORTH $79.95
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams were originally set to get married in August, but when they had to delay it due to the coronavirus pandemic, the couple still wanted to celebrate on their original date.“Yeah, we were going to get married 8/20/20 and it’s not happening anymore, but what can you do?” the actress, 29, said on the Wednesday, October 21, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.The pair, who got engaged in July 2019, still dressed up in all-white to celebrate that special day in August.“It

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